The QIoTech Partner Programme allows your business to introduce our end to end IoT solutions to your customers safe in the knowledge that we will provide you with the expertise and experience in the sector to allow you to paint your business as an IoT expert.

We have three different Partner Programmes available – which one fits your business structure?


If you want a partner programme where you simply introduce us to your clients and we take the lead from there and manage all aspects of the relationship including presenting an IoT solution, proposing and closing the deal plus billing and customer support then the Q Consultant Partnership would be ideal.

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If you want a partner programme that’s more hand-on where you close IoT deals under our terms and conditions using our guidance and support and we pay you monthly commission based on the billing then Q-Partner is the ideal solution for your business. We offer product support and training on the latest IoT technologies with Q-Partner that will help you and your business win more IoT clients.

Q- Resell

If you want to simply wholesale our IoT solutions to your customers and take ownership of all aspects of your sales, billing and support processes then Q-Resell is an ideal fit as we offer support in the latest IoT technologies including building bespoke IoT sensor solution , creating specific SaaS Data reports and offer a multitude of transport protocols to transfer all data safely and securely.

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