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Who are we?

QIoTech are a one stop provider of Global IoT/IIoT solutions where we utilise the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Machine to Machine (M2M) learning via connected IoT/IIoT devices to create powerful algorithms that offer our customers a wide range of real-time data reports on the performance of end user products and devices.

What we do?

We create, install and maintain bespoke sensors/devices programmed with your specific data sets – we transfer the end user data via our secure network to our cloud-based Q-Analytics data platform where we use the latest in AI/M2M and powerful algorithms to produce reports of end user/device activity.

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What Do Our Customers Get?


Transport Protocols

Transport Protocols

QIoTech have in place network agreements with the global mobile operators, LoRa specialists and satellite networks to ensure your devices have a truly global transport communication protocol in place that’s safe and secure.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

We also have multi connection protocols where the device connects to the strongest 4G signal saving valuable time in checking individual coverage prior to a project launch for static devices and when choosing coverage for devices on the move. This ability to choose networks also acts as inbuilt Disaster Recovery if any of the networks fail.

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Data Reports

Manipulate your data

Not only does Q-Analytics provide the main usage reports but we can further manipulate your data reports to provide additional valuable insights into customer behaviour or patterns that were not previously know allowing you to adapt and or take advantage

Produce analysis and statistics

We also have the ability to take old data and integrate these into Q-Analytics to provide historical reports to produce analysis and statistics to allow you to better understand how your products performs.

Iot Services

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Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things for Industry helps you to collect and analyse data from connected assets to deliver actionable insights in an industrial environment to increase production uptime and reduce operational risks and action predictive and preventative maintenance.

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Enterprise IoT

Connect buildings and venues with enterprise IoT technology to increased efficiency, engagement, and innovation with intelligent spaces tailored to the needs of your customers and/or employees.

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Wide-area IoT

Connect vast amounts of data generated by devices across large spaces. Wide-area IoT can scale to millions of devices and communicate across stationary and moving things, enabling smart cities, connect vehicles, agriculture and much more.

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Email us at info@qiot.co.uk